Starting A Family

Preparing For The Future

PrimeWay Offers Solutions For Your Expanding Priorities

Life has changed dramatically in the time you’ve been married. For one thing, your priorities and responsibilities have expanded to include children and their growing needs.

It’s no longer just about you and your spouse. Preparing for the future can include many details and strategies at this point in your life.

Medical Benefits

For instance, if you’re eager to change jobs or careers to better provide for your family, one of your major considerations is what type of health benefits your employer offers and the accompanying costs. You may have forgone medical coverage when you were single, but that’s a risky and potentially expensive strategy now that more people are depending on you.

Life Insurance

Purchasing a life insurance policy may become a priority for the first time. These policies provide a variety of coverage in the event of a tragedy so that your family doesn’t suffer financially. Mortgage payments and educational costs are covered, and you can choose a policy that actually earns dividends through investments. Click here to access our full range of life insurance products.

Your Retirement

And while you’re busy planning for your family’s future, don’t forget about yourself. There will come a time when you’re ready to put the wraps on your working career, and you want to make sure you have a strategy in place so that you can retire comfortably. PrimeWay Federal Credit Union offers multiple Individual Retirement Accounts and our investment strategists can help you create a portfolio that meets your personal needs and goals. Use PrimeWay Federal Credit Union's calculators to determine if your retirement savings plans are on track and to find out how much you need to retire comfortably.

When considering your future plans, PrimeWay Federal Credit Union has a solution for you.

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