Young Professional Getting Ahead


More Money Means More Responsibility

Welcome to the real world! Now is probably the time when you’re truly independent and living with the consequences of your financial decisions.

You’re probably also earning more money than ever before, and this feeling of freedom can lead to some poor spending choices that undermine current and future plans.

Don’t lose sight of your money’s power.

Track Your Weekly Spending

Costs at this time in your life likely are lower than they ever will be because you don’t own a house yet and you haven’t started a family. Make that work to your advantage by keeping detailed records of how you spend your money relative to what you earn. Devise a chart that shows what you earn per week and track your spending each week to get a sense of what expenses you can reduce.


Relying on a debit card connected to your PrimeWay Federal Credit Union checking account for everyday purchases can keep you from spending more money than you have at any particular moment.

PrimeWay Federal Credit Union also provides calculators that show you how spending less can really pay off, including the specific benefits of bringing your lunch to work.


Budgeting To Balance Fun And Your Future

The point isn’t to live an austere life with no enjoyment. Your money gives you freedom of choice, and you should have a good time. But remember to take care of important bills first—such as rent, groceries, loan and insurance payments—before you start booking expensive vacations or buying extravagant home entertainment systems.

Balance your fun and your future by setting aside extra money in an interest-earning savings account at PrimeWay Federal Credit Union or a safe investment such as one of our share certificates.

Budgeting boils down to a simple premise: Spend less than you earn. That’s the way to get ahead.

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